Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Case of the Disappearing Saturday...

Sunday, 3:22PM, we arrive at Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan. We immediately begin looking for the Saturday lost somewhere around the Bering Straight. Hmmm, well maybe we'll find it on our way back.....

Kansai Airport is a beautiful, modern, airport built on approximatley 17 sq. kilometers of man made island in the middle of Osaka Bay, and, it is sinking. Quite an interesting
story, but luckily we don't think it will sink before we depart. Navigating the airport is really very easy for the average South Dakotan, as things are rather clearly marked in English and Icon-ese. We breezed through customs, retrieved our luggage, and met Shan, Roger (Dad Reed), and Joy (Mom Reed - both of whom were already in-country) in the terminal. Yes, there was some jet lag involved (e.g. see pic above....) It was also very much warmer upon deplaning that it was on departure; Osaka was a balmy 25 degrees C and humid, that's about 78 degrees to us Fahrenheiters. Boy those tomatoes would be growing here (well, not so much, more on that later...).

After caffeinating at the Kansai Starbucks, we were off to Shan's apartment about 20km to the East-North East.

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